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Fast and painless laser treatment.

High intensity heat intervals promote collagen growth and skin tightening

“The beauty lies within you. All we do is enhance it:” This couldn’t be more true in skin rejuvenation. This state of the art laser treatment focuses on loose skin, instantly tightening it with the power of heat. The short intervals of high heat stimulate collagen growth and dramatically improves the elasticity and firming of the skin. This treatment is usually done on the face, focusing on the neck and under the chin area, but can be done anywhere including stomach, arms, breasts and inner thighs. See and feel results after just one treatment and it keeps working long after you’ve left our office. In fact after your last treatment, your skin will continue to increase collagen reproduction for up to six months leaving you looking younger and better then ever! This non-invasive, regenerative new treatment is an answered prayer for patients who want to look younger but who don’t want to undergo expensive and invasive surgery.

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